Best Canon Lens For Real Estate Photography

May 29, 2017  · Just like shooting weddings or landscapes, real estate photography has it’s own set of requirements to get the best images. And the lens you use for shooting portraits or the Milky Way might not get you the best results if you are shooting real estate.

Canon … whose needs this lens suits, it’s absolutely excellent. This lens is great for fast and wide shots. boasting great optics and a solidly quick aperture of f2.8, it’s great for landscapes, …

The 16-35mm f/4 wide angle is perhaps Canon’s sharpest wide angle lens and is a great choice of lens for real estate photography. Images are razor sharp, particularly at the centre of the frame and the Ultrasonic Motor (USM) and image stabilization results in a quick, accurate and steady autofocus.

Here’s a sub-$300 wide angle zoom lens made for crop sensor Canon cameras that’s great for landscape shots, vlogging, or even real estate photography. With a fastest f4.5 max aperture, it’s not made …

3 Best Lenses For Real Estate Photography + Video Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. The Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM is an amazing choice for anyone looking to do landscape, architecture or real estate photography.. It replaces an older, more expensive 10-22mm lens, and comes with Image Stabilization up to 4 stops, which is excellent if you don’t have a tripod and want crisp shots in low light conditions.

The kit lenses that come bundled with your camera allow good flexibility as they generally cover a large range of focal lengths. The down side to them is that the image quality they produce is not …

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I personally prefer a bit of heft in my lenses, especially when shooting video, and the f/1.4 slid snugly between my Canon 14mm (645g … as I use them a lot for real estate photography and music …

As a professional real estate photographer, one of the questions you get asked the most is “What’s the best camera for real estate photography?”. Your camera and lenses are your main tools, just like a hammer is to a builder. Your talent and vision are what guide the camera and lenses. A great camera will help, so here are the best 9 cameras for real estate photography.

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